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In 1989 Chris started racing Quarter Midgets at the age of 4 1/2 years old. In his first season, Chris won his first points championship in the Novice division. During that year he received 62 trophies, Rookie of the Year honors, and the Region 6 Junior Novice Championship.  He also set Track Records at Austin Texas, Topeka Kansas, and the Tulsa Quarter Midget Speedways.

In 1990 Chris won the Tulsa Quarter Midget Junior Stock Championship, placed 4th in the Region 6 championship of Junior Stock, and set a Track Record in Topeka Kansas. Chris also placed 14th out of 72 entries in his division at the Western Grand Nationals in Pomona, California.

In 1991 Chris placed 5th in the Region 6 Junior Stock Championships, he also placed 2nd in the Junior Stock Championship in Tulsa.

In 1992 Chris placed 2nd in the Junior Stock Championship in Tulsa. He also placed second in the Tulsa Regional's. In 1993, he ran in three different classes of Quarter Midgets. His season ending points finishes were: 5th place in Junior Stock, 4th place in Senior Stock, and 3rd place in the Modified Class. Chris also won the 1993 Indoor Invitational race sponsored by the Darrell Starbird Car Show.

In 1994 Chris started his Modified Micro Midget career. Chris won his first "A" Feature event on his 5th night of racing. He went on to receive "Rookie of the Year" honors at Port City Raceway in Tulsa. He won a total of seven "A" features at Port City Raceway, finishing 3rd in points.     He also placed 6th at Dutton Speedway in Ft. Cobb and placed 5th that year at the STP Shoot-Out in the 125cc Class.

In 1995 Chris once again placed 3rd in the points championship at Port City Raceway, winning seven "A" features and three Trophy Dashes, placed 7th at Dutton Speedway, and once again finished 5th at the STP Shoot-Out.

In 1996 Chris placed 7th in the points at Port City Raceway, 8th place at Dutton Speedway, and placed 6th in the STP Shoot-Out.

1997 was a changing year for Chris.  He won sixteen "A" features and seventeen Trophy Dashes at the new Will Rogers Raceway. At seasons end Chris won the Points Championship at the Will Rogers Raceway in Claremore, Ok.  He placed 9th in points at Port City Raceway, finished 6th at Dutton Speedway also winning High Point of the Month. Chris also won the First Annual Fall Fling held at Will Rogers Raceway.

In 1998 Chris placed 3rd in points at Will Rogers Raceway, winning twelve "A" features and four Trophy Dashes, placing 2nd at the Fall Nationals held at Will Rogers Raceway, and placing 8th at Dutton Speedway.  Chris ran the Fall Festival at Port City Raceway and finished 2nd.  He also placed 2nd at the STP Tulsa Shoot-Out.

1999 was a fun year for Chris as we spent the first half of the year racing at Port City Raceway, winning 4 "A" features, and then we spent the rest of the year traveling between Will Rogers Raceway in Claremore, where Chris won 5 "A" features, and I-44 Speedway in OKC placing in the Top 5 in points there. This was also the final year that Chris could compete in the 125cc Class.

The 2000 season was an Up and Down year. First off, Chris didn’t have a new car ready to race when the season started. Jay was able to locate a car just 2 weeks prior to the first race of the year; unfortunately, the car was totally disassembled and did not  have a motor! The new #77 was ready to go on the 5th night of the season complete with a new 1993 FZR Yamaha 600cc engine. Chris was ready for his first heat race in the Turftire class, however Chris only made ½ a lap before pulling into the infield after losing a clutch rod! This was fixed for the next week's program.  After running only a couple of laps in his heat, Chris pulled into the infield with a blown motor.  Two weeks later another motor was found and bolted into the car, when during a break-in period the motor seized up and the motor was ruined. Another 5 weeks past before another motor was found (a 1989 FZR Yamaha 600) and installed once again.

As you read this you might be saying, "What else could possibly happen?" With 15 weeks left in the season, Chris went out with the Refuse To Lose attitude and placed 3rd in one "A" feature, placed 2nd in two other "A" features and won a remarkable 11 "A" features.  He also finished fifth in points. 

In addition, the No.77 was placed inside the teardown shack three times during the season. Chris also won the Fall Nationals held at the Will Rogers Raceway and as a reward, the No.77's engine was torn down by two certified Motor mechanics. Who were checking for any illegal parts and found the motor to be a completely stock 1989 Yamaha FZR. In addition to the 1st place prize money and trophy, the team was awarded the tear down money!

The 2002 season was filled with new challenges, new crew members, new race cars, and new classes.  It was decided during the off-season that Chris would defend his 2001 Championship at Will Rogers Raceway, plus contend for the Turftire Championship at I-44 Speedway in Oklahoma City.  At the Will Rogers Raceway Chris totaled 9 "A" feature wins, and 5 2nd place finishes, plus he also won the 2nd Annual Glen Beam Memorial race. Chris  finished 2nd in overall points chase at WRR.  At the I-44 Speedway in OKC, Chris won 10 "A" features plus 12 Trophy Dash's in route to his first Track Championship in OKC.

In August of 2002 Gary Satterfield came onboard with the Andrews Racing team providing Chris the opportunity to compete in the "NMMA A-Class" with a new race car.  Chris won his first "A" feature event in only his second night out in the car. Chris also competed in the NMMA Region 11 event held at the Will Rogers Raceway in the "A-Class" division.  Chris qualified 10th for the "A" feature and finished a remarkable 13th place competing against some of the finest drivers in the nation.

The 2003 season was a relaxing season, Chris was a Senior in High School this year and he raced only part time allowing him to take part in all the activities that Senior enjoy.  He did race at Will Rogers Raceway, Port City Raceway and I-44 Speedway.  BTW, Chris won the very predacious Port City Spring Fling.

In 2004 it was time to get serious again, during the off-season Chris decided that he wanted to tackle the toughest title in Oklahoma, winning the Non-Wing Track Championship at Port City Raceway.  PCR is a little bull ring of a track that has produced many past national NMMA Champions, and the challenge of competing for the very first NMMA Non-wing championship was to much to miss.  How did Chris do? well out of 171 drivers that compete nation wide in the Non-wing class Chris finished 8th in the Region 11 points race and 19th in the nation overall .  That was a great finish considering the team did not travel to any of the out-of-town races.  Chris won over a dozen heat races, several Trophy dashes, the one and only  turftire "A" feature that Chris ran at Will Rogers Raceway, two back-to-back  turftire "A" feature wins at 25th anniversary Wichita Falls World of Wheels indoor race, two non-wing (back-to-back)"A" feature wins at Will Rogers Raceway, and four "A" feature wins at Port City Raceway. 

During the 21 race long 2004 season at Port City Raceway, Chris finished in the Top 10-18 times, in the Top 5-14 times , won 4 Trophy Dashes and 4 "A" features earning Chris the 2004 Non-wing Championship at Port City Raceway.

Overall in the last four years Chris Andrews has captured three season Championships at three different racetracks in two different classes!  By the way, in the only season he didn't win a championship . . . . . . Chris finished 2nd !

The first race in 2005 occurred in Wichita Falls Texas in February.  Chris entered that event as the defending two-day champion in the Non-Wing (or Sportsman class as it is called there) division.  After a hard fought heat race during day one, Chris also won the "A" feature event by over a 1/4 of a lap over 2nd place completing a sweep for the day.  During the day 2 event Chris really turned up the heat as he not only won his heat race by over 1/2 a lap, he also won the "A" feature event by lapping all but the 2nd & 3rd place finishers.