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All the No. 77’s paint schemes were designed, painted, and lettered by Bob Moore. The very first Official/Unofficial sponsor of the Chris Andrews race team.

The first number 77 was a Stanley Peewee chassis that Chris drove for the first time in the spring of 1989, and was powered by a Deco engine.

The second No.77 was a Fiser Downtube chassis. The car was powered by a Gary Llewellyn built Deco Stock engine. Gary also supplied the motors that Chris used in the Modified class.

The third No.77 was a Franklin Upright chassis built by Dean Franklin to compete in the 125cc Micro Midget class, and was purchased by Jay soon after Adam Petty (grandson of NASCAR legend Richard Petty) ran the car at the 1994 STP Tulsa Shoot-Out. (A couple of interesting notes about this No.77, before Jay purchased the car, this No.77 had been driven by J.P.Bailey.  J.P. was waiting for a new, more competive car to be built, that would be driven in the spring.  Unfortunately for J.P., during that race season he was unable to pass his old car in a feature event, while Chris was on his way to winning 6 "A" features during the same time).

In 1996 downtubes were added to stiffen the chassis and also increase safety. He continued to drive this No.77 through the 1999-racing season, until he reached the maximum age limit for the 125cc class. As you can see this No.77 took on several different design schemes.

This No.77 won over 51 "A" features, Track Championships at Will Rogers Raceway in Claremore, and Top 5 awards at Port City Raceway in Tulsa, I-44 Speedway in Oklahoma City, and Dutton Speedway in Ft. Cobb Oklahoma.

The first 600cc  No.77 was a Factor One Downtube chassis. It proved to be a winning car with twenty "A" feature wins in less than two seasons!

In 2002 this brand new UpFront car debuted at the I-44 speedway in Oklahoma City and won its first championship there that same year.  This car has proved to be one of the most dominate cars anywhere winning over 150 "A" features at a multitude of race tracks.

This number No.77 was owned by Sprint car driver Gary Wright, Chris drove this car for a year in the Multi Class at Port City & Will Rogers Raceway.

In 2006 another brand new #77 made its way to the Andrews race team.This was a Factor 1 car to be ran in the Sportsman division.  This was Chris's first chance to run for a championship in a Winged Micro Midget.  What was the outcome? He won 14 "A" features that year and won the 2006 Sportsman Championship.